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Summer 6-13-2019


Citation analysis is one of the thrust areas of research in Library and Information Science. It provides very useful insights to librarians and policy makers in terms of which sources to be purchased and what to be replaced. The current study was carried out to understand different characteristics of Physics as a discipline by analysing the citations appended at the end of Doctoral theses of Physics, Tripura University. A total 5640 citations were analysed from 18 theses during the 10 years period of 2007 to 2016. Bradford’s law of scattering of periodical was tested as it did not fit in the particular dataset the appropriateness of Leimkuhler model was also evaluated with the dataset. Journal of Geophysical Research being published from USA is found to be ranked one in the list of core journals. American Chemical Society, USA was found to be the top cited Publisher. The study also disclosed that electronic and subscription based journals receives more citations.