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Summer 8-7-2019


This paper presents an analysis of Sub-Fields and Countries in the literature of Gout using bibliometric techniques. The literature covered in the database for the period 2008-2017 was considered. It shows that there is a growth of literature in the subject of study by year after year. 40.44% records were covered by Journal Article. 51 journals were needed to supply one-third of the cited records for zone-1. However, 223 journals were required to produce the second grouping of records in Zone-2, and 725 journals to yield the records that constitute Zone-3. Most frequently cited primary journals were General Medicine in the field of Gout with 40.51%. The United States is dominating the first position with 93 primary journals, England is in the second position contains 59 primary journals and Germany is in the third position contains 19 primary journals. The data reveals that publications on ‘General Medicine’ have resulted in a higher number of primary journals publications followed by Rheumatology, Pharmacology, Orthopedics, and Biochemistry. There were high priorities in 11 sub-fields in the USA followed by 10 in England and 8 in Germany. In other countries, the high priorities range from one discipline to five disciplines. 274 primary journals were identified in the field of Gout literature.



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