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Altmetric metric and qualitative data are complementary to traditional, citation-based metrics. Altmetric Attention Score for a Research Output provides an indicator of the amount of attention. Score is taken from an automated algorithm, and represents a weighted count of the amount of meditation taken for a research output. This research output is an Altmetric attribution score of 9147 for the article The Spread of True and Fall News Online. Altmetric has tracked 12,623,901 research outputs in all sources till date 11th, 2019. Altmetric has tracked 7,171,211 research outputs in all the sources so far, out of which this article got # 4 places. By age, we can compare this Altmetric Attention Score with 273,408 tracked outcasts which were published within six weeks on both sides of this one in any source. This article got # 1 place. This research was published to 1,016 others from the same source and within six weeks on both sides of this one. This article got the first place.



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