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The study focused on the implication of the introduction of new academic programs on the resources of Balme Library in the University of Ghana, Legon. The case study methodology was used with a study population of 47 staff constituting both senior members and senior staff of Balme Library and the Director of Academic Affairs respectively. Data collection instruments used were questionnaire and interview. The responses were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The study revealed that the Balme Library was not consulted or involved during the introduction of new academic programs. In addition, student enrolment was increasing every year due to the introduction of new academic courses as well as general increased in access to tertiary education, but there was no corresponding increase in resources like staff, materials, and space at the Balme Library. Also, special funds are not allocated to the Balme Library to support the introduction of new academic courses. In order to improve the service and resource base of Balme Library to support the introduction of new academic programmes it was recommended that the University of Ghana should consider establishing a virtual library, increase staff strength, expand physical infrastructure, seek alternative source of funding and ensure collaboration between the Balme Library with satellite libraries on campus to ensure quality academic output.