Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study assessed the personnel training needs in Ibrahim Babangida Library, Federal University of Technology, Yola (IBL, FUTY). The study was guided by four objectives. The objectives assessed the on-the-job training needs, informal and formal educational training needs of personnel in the library. Survey research was used for the study. The population of the study is 40 IBL, FUTY personnel, which also constitute the sample size. Questionnaire was used as data collection instrument. The data gathered were analyzed using frequency counts and percentage displayed in tables. Some of the results revealed that on-the-job training programme is needed by an average of (81.2%) respondents, while informal and formal education training are need by (80% and 40%) of the personnel respectively. Funding was found to be the major factor inhibiting against personnel training needs. Based on some of these findings, it was recommended among others that: on-the-job training, informal and formal educational training programmes be provided to enable the personnel acquire the needed skills and knowledge.