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Summer 6-4-2019


Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition is a bi-monthly journal, currently published from Japan by the Society for free Radical Research. It publishes six issues in a year. The study examines the article published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition from 2007 to 2017. This paper aimed to assess growth pattern of research output, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, ranking of authors based on productivity and h-index, most cited references, type of items produced, keyword wise distribution, most productive countries and most productive institutions, distributions of research output and also estimate the future growth of publications using straight line equation. There are 813 articles were published during 2007-2017(11 years). The highest number of 88 articles were published in 2009 and lowest number of 63 articles published in 2007. Majority of the contributions are more than five authors. There exists a higher level of collaborations between the authors. Naito Y is the most productive author ranked in first position and Suzuki H, Yoshikawa T and Watanabe K are each of them having h-index score 9 who are placed in the first rank. this study also reveals the highly cited papers in Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition. Most of the research outputs in the journal are articles. ‘Induced’ is the keyword which is mostly occurred in the journal. Nearly one-third of the articles were published in Japan. It is known that different institutions were involved in the publication of articles, from these top most productive institutions are listed. It is estimated that research output of the source journal may take slightly increasing future.