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The study focused on sustainable development goals in Nigeria in line with sustainable Development Goals using some world standard practices in library and information and with librarians and other information science professionals playing leading roles. Some key concepts, namely: Global best practices, sustainable development, Goals Libraries, Information science, professionals as related to library and information science, Nigeria were conceptually defined in relation to this study. The paper highlighted the needs for sustainable development in line with sustainable development goals. Brief historical developments of sustainable development goals were x-rayed. The roles of libraries and information science professionals in integrated information and communication technologies and other global best practices in promoting sustainable development in Nigeria were examined. The benefits associated with sustainable development in Nigeria were further observed. This study also identified some of the challenges militating against sustainable development and proffers the likely and possible solution on solving these challenges. The paper concluded by recommending among other measures that Nigeria should apply and be signatory members of United Nations and affiliated organs advocating for sustainable development. As member nation of such organization the country should send representative to attend global summits, conferences and seminars and bring back home legislation, resolutions and recommendations to guide the government in policy formation and implementation in this area: Nigeria government at all levels should provide adequate funding to promote sustainable development, at all levels of the economy , Government policies and programmes should encourage public and private partnership (PPP) in the nation development agenda. Promotion of information communication technologies education should be highly encouraged and integrated into the school curricula and also in library policies. No nation can rise above its citizens. Hence, there is a great need to provide educational systems across all levels of education that is functional, dynamic, skills-oriented, productive and sustainable for nation development.



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