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The aim of this qualitative study was to analyze the process of transforming knowledge into wisdom. We aimed to understand the meaning of knowledge and wisdom, the ways how to transform knowledge into wisdom, obstacles and strategies to facilitate and accelerate access to wisdom and its useful role on the life and the role of books, libraries and librarians in transformation of knowledge into wisdom.

Research Method:

This is a qualitative study with grounded theory based on Strauss & Corbin model (1998). To collect data we used deep interview with 22 participants that were selected through specific criteria including 17 men (77.28%) and 5 women (22.72%) in purposeful theoretical method. The data were analyzed with three coding stages of Strauss & Corbin model (1998), open, axial and selective coding.


After analyzing data, about 300 open codes (concepts), and then 103 main categories were formed. Some core categories with their related sub-categories were gained that were ended in the main and last category titled: “the process of transforming knowledge into wisdom” based on the participants views.


Internalizing of knowledge results in individuals and social behaviours or transforming knowledge into wisdom is based on understanding and discovery of facilitating and speeding up sterategies of the process of transforming knowledge into wisdom to be able to observe wisdom behaviours in the society.