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Summer 5-24-2019

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Pattnaik,A, Das,. S. and Pradhan, B. (2019)


The Issue Protection of environment has become one of the major global issues in 21st century. Man's conquest over the nature and his capacity to manipulate his environment through scientific and technological accomplishment has made him callous not only toward himself but towards other living creatures, plants, living organisms and macro-organisms. The technological advancement and economic developments have brought comforts to many, but unfavourable to our ecosystem in many ways. There are different kind of pollutions such as Water pollution, Air Pollution, Environmental pollution, Soil pollution, Oceanic pollution, food pollution, fossil fuel pollution etc. Many contaminations mixed in solid form and liquid form in water and gaseous form with the air caused Ozan depletion and global warming in the earth. In June 1992 the World Community met at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janerio, is also known as Rio Convention to formulate new global policies to deal with the environmental degradation and to protect, promote and conserve the environment. The developed countries should help the developing countries in conservation and preservation of environment. The process of rapid industrialization, increasing population, imbalances in economic activities and exploitation of natural resources have resulted in environmental crisis in India. So this paper tries to find out the necessary legal sanctions for the polluters who are sole responsible to pollute our environment.