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Abstract: The present study focuses on the webometric analysis of the I-League club websites of India. Analysing the websites of the Indian football clubs it has been found that in WIF calculation NFC holds the rank one position with SWIF of 0.7222, while MBAC and CBFCG hold the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively with SWIFs of 0.6973and 0.6363. According to Internal –link Web Impact Factor (IWIF) the previous three clubs hold the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks with IWIFs of 0.6315 (MBAC), 0.5000 (CBFCG) and 0.3888 (NFC) respectively. In case of External-link Web Impact Factor (EWIF) CCFC holds the rank one position with EWIF of 0.6000. NFC and EBFC hold the 2nd and 3rd positions with EWIFs of 0.3333 and 0.1568 respectively. The website of NFC having domain authority of 53 ranks highest while in the case of page authority, the website of AFC ranks first with page authority score of 57. Website of MPFC has the heaviest page size of 10.4 MB and website of AFC takes the maximum time of loading the webpage i.e. 12.62 seconds which is not a desirable thing. East Bengal Football Club (EBFC) holds the best global rank with 1,242,038 and it has the best Indian rank also i.e. 176,547.



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