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Summer 5-2019


Abstract: The present study focuses on the ranking of the websites of the IPL franchises as well as the overall evaluation of those websites. Calculating three types of WIFs it has been found that according to the Simple Web Impact Factor (SWIF) ranking CSK holds the numero uno status with SWIF of 0.6454. According to Internal-link Web Impact Factor (IWIF) CSK holds the 1st rank with IWIFs of 0.3727. In case of External-link Web Impact Factor (EWIF) CSK again holds the rank one position with EWIF of 0.2727. Half of the eight websites have .com domain extension and remaining half possess .in domain extension. SRH has the most heavy website with a page size of 6.1 MB and as a consequence its load time is also much more (24.34 sec) than the other sites which is not at all desirable for any website. Though in Security category most of the teams have received A+ grade, none of them have received overall A grade and it only hints at the required improvements in various categories. CSK ranks first both in domain authority and page authority with scores of 51 and 57 respectively. RCB holds the best global rank i.e. 101,196 among the eight teams. MI holds the best Indian rank i.e. 10833.



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