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For optimum utilization of information materials & access to information, libraries have changed strategically and that is the aim of this paper to appraisal of the Synchrous and asynchrous techniques of marketing library services in two university libraries. Five specific objectives guided the study which was what are the library services for marketing, techniques use in marketing library services, the extent to which the techniques have improved the services, challenges & strategies to enhance the library service. Descriptive survey design, questionnaire was used for data collection & was distributed to 74 librarians in the two universities. Mean & tables were used to clarify the findings. It was found out that majority of the library services for marketing were online information services, library publication, reference services, current awareness services, selective dissemination of information, referral services, user education & indexing & abstracting services. In techniques used in marketing library services it was discovered that is mostly Synchrous means like instant messaging, chats, digital references services e.t.c. Asynchrous means like texts, emails, & face to face marketing strategies were seldomly use. On the challenges are lack of autonomy of libraries, lack of funds, poor internet access, power outage & so on. While some strategies were profound for the challenges like autonomy of libraries to run its affairs without fear or favor & interference with the parent institutions.