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Winter 5-20-2019


This study focused on the awareness, accessibility and factors hindering the utilization of e-journals at the Institute of Finance Management. Specifically the study sought to identify the level of awareness, accessibility and factors affecting students and academic staff in utilizing the e-journals. To achieve these objectives the study employed mixed method research designs in which in-depth interviews and questionnaire were used to collect data from a sample of 141respondents i.e. 100 students and 41 academic staff. The surveyed data has been analysed by using SPSS (20.0) and content analysis for quantitative and qualitative data has been undertaken respectively. Table presentations have been made by using MS word. The study established that the level of awareness of e-journal is high among both students and academic staff. Moreover, the study findings revealed that access to e-journals is mainly through common search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Mamma. Furthermore, the results revealed that the factors hindering students in utilizing electronic journals include: slow internet speed, unreliable power supply, and inadequate computer skills, inadequate number of computers in the library and complexity of database interface. The findings also revealed that academic staffs were hindered by the following factors: high printing cost, inadequate search skills, low internet speed, unstable electrical power supply, unavailability of free full text articles and inadequate number of computers in the library.

Keywords: Electronic Journals, Utilization of E-Journals, Awareness, accessibility, computers and Library



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