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This is an introductory writing for the Case Study of Content Management of Proceedings Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex


Linked Data (LD) is increasingly becoming popular for the content management of serial publications. LD provides a shift in thinking from publishing data in human readable HTML documents to machine readable documents. The objective of LD is to publish the structured data by using specific standards i.e. Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Resource Description Framework (RDF) SPARQL etc. in order to interlink data and make it more useful through semantic web. This study aims at exploring the current status of LD applications for serial publications. This case study discusses the content management (CM) approach using LD technology for Proceedings Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex (PSZMC), the official medical research journal of Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex, Lahore. WordPress is used to publish contents of PSZMC after digitizing 64 issues (626 articles) with high resolution scanner. This practice-based case study has found that Wordpress is one of the LD applications that is used for the content management of the PSZMC. This is first study which may be helpful for the content management of medical journals in Pakistan.



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