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Respected Sir,

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With reference to your mail. I am sorry for the mistake/error happened from side, not attaching the file at the time of submitting it. I hereby resubmit my manuscript on Contributions of E-Resources in Tamil Nadu Digital Library Repository by the State Universities: A Study for your kind consideration for publishing. I am very happy that this article has been accepted to publish in LPP. The abstract of this article has already been posted. We have received communication that this article has been removed.There may be error in my part not attaching the file. We humbly request you to include the same in the current edition. Since, it will be much useful for us to complete the research works. Further, it will enable my co-author to submit his thesis in the University.




This paper discuses the e-Resources deposited in the Tamil Nadu Digital Library (TNDL) project by the participating Universities .The major of objective of the study is to analysis the contributions of the e-Resources by 13 State Universities in the Digital Repository (DR).The relevant data were extracted from website of Tamil Nadu Digital Library ( It has 158555 digital resources and 1330195 subject catalogues on various disciplines. The results show that Anna University has deposited more number of journals than the other Universities. It is also investigated that more number of subject catalogues are available on Literature. Further, it is recommended that awareness about the project is to be created among the Librarians, the Teachers and the Users. The Universities are required to share and update the digital resources among other participating Universities in order to maximize the utilisation of the resources.



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