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Information technology affects the views and behavior of users and their environment. In the early decades, Traditional Islamic Boarding School (TIBSs) prohibited the use of communication and information technology. TIBSs experienced a shift to be increasingly open to the media and the internet. A strict prohibition on the use of media in Islamic boarding schools influences their insights about their health problems. To ensure the influence of media and internet on students’ life in TIBS, this research was conducted aiming at explaining the use level of media and internet by students in seeking health information, and the influence of differences in policies in the use of media and information technology on the behavior of clean and healthy students. The research method used a field survey with the study population were TIBS in one city and two regencies in West Java. The multi-stage sampling technique determined five Islamic boarding schools from the three selected areas with 243 people as respondents. Data processing was conducted by using correlation analysis and group’s difference testing based on media policies in TIBSs studied with differences in the clean and healthy behavior of students. The results of the research indicated that two TIBSs had very strict media policies in using media, compared to the other three, which were more lenient. The majority of students answered that the source of health information was Kyai (Pesantren’s Leader), but there was a significant gap between the delivered information and their needs. Furthermore, the differences in Kyai’s policies towards the use of media and gadgets have led to differences in the average volume of health information and procedures for the clean living of students.

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