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Purpose: The study was executed to have an insight to the computer anxiety of veterinary science students pursuing bachelor and masters’ degree programmes, respectively, at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Punjab (India).

Design/ Methodology: A pretested and validated Computer Anxiety Rating Scale (CARS) was applied to examine the computer anxiety level of veterinary students. Stratified random sampling method was used to choose sample for study. The data analysis was performed using percentage, frequencies and via Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

Findings: Results revealed that irrespective of the gender, possession of personal computer and internet connection, veterinary students were well versed with computer as majority were having low level of computer anxiety. Further computer anxiety was negatively correlated with student’s grade point, experience in using computer and time spent on computer and internet.

Originality/ Value: This is the first known attempt to examine the computer anxiety level of veterinary students. The results of study strengthen the pivotal role of computer in veterinary education and experience as well as in academic excellence.



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