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This study examined the management of change in cataloguing practices in Covenant University and University of Lagos , Nigeria. Thirty-five respondents who were current cataloguers and those who had worked as cataloguers were purposively sampled for the study. A descriptive survey method using a self-constructed questionnaire was used. Results showed that there have been major changes in cataloguing practices among cataloguers in these institutions over the years (online cataloguing, cataloguing of internet & electronic files, copy-cataloguing, different metadata structures, introduction of OPAC etc). Other major findings revealed by the study include: the involvement of non-professionals in cataloguing practices, there is little or no form of resource-sharing among cataloguers in the two libraries. The study concluded that cataloguing practices have witnessed radical transformations over the years as a result of the introduction of ICT. It recommended funding the libraries through corporate social responsibility initiatives as a departure from total dependence on government funding. Also, libraries should ensure that their bibliographical records are visible on the web. This forms the basis for the crystallization of true virtual library.