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Webometrics is concerned with measuring aspects of the web: web sites, web pages, parts of web pages, words in web pages, hyperlinks, web search engine results. Webometrics is huge and easily accessible source of information, there are limitless possibilities for measuring or counting on a huge scale of the number of web pages, the number of web sites, the number of blogs) or on a smaller scale. This study found the traffic rank in India, especially Central Universities of North East Region, the best-ranked Central University of North East Region are NEHU and TU with traffic ranks of 8484 and 8,511 respectively. Nagaland University has the highest number of average pages viewed by users per day (4.1), Sikkim University has highest (55.7%) upstream site of Google among other Central Universities of North East Region in India, 100% of sub domain at “” for Manipur University website and “” for Central Agricultural University. North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) and Sikkim University (SU) shows higher rate of bounce percentage (42.50) shows its weak performance.