Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The present study has been undertaken to know the information seeking pattern of the scientific community who belong to different universities under the study. In this study, it has been tried to find out the satisfaction after utilization of print or digital information resources available in the digital environment with a view to understand the situation of the existing library system. After evaluation and observation of the findings of the study critically, it leads to create confusion regarding the nature of information seeking pattern by the scientific community. It is found that the existing library information system is seemed to be less functional. The experience gathered from personal visit, observation and discussion with scientific community by the researcher also has realized that there is a big gap or problem in accessing information from university library system. So, there is an urgent need to develop a model which can fulfill the requirement of scientific community. Thus, one new model of information seeking behaviour is proposed namely “Information Seeking Model for Scientific Community at Assam” (ISMSCA) which might solve the problem of scientific community, if implemented.



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