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Abstract— This article describes the methods of interpretation of the performance of the student testing and other types of assessments to review. This method of interpretation, part of the technical evaluation of the base make up smart interpretation of student performance. for the use of educational evaluation information is critical. Create or choose the appropriate test to determine the reliability and validity of any and all the important topics covered.Because it must make intelligent interpretation and use of the information. We have the right to interpret the position of the student's performance in the test, and in fact any kind of raw information we provide. Two broad categories of methods that help to such interpretation. On the interpretation of the normative reference with the performance of a student in connection with the performance of other students in the same test or homework every.In the commentary by reference to student performance benchmarks in relation to well-defined sets of content or a set of skills to interpret.There are three main types of norms: a percentage, in terms of norms and standard ratings. Each type of norms of strengths and weaknesses.An important theorem in the application of the norm of the nature of group norm. The group includes a variety of national, international norms norm, the convenience of the user, the local subgroup, and institutional.The interpretation of the reference with the criteria usually needs is someone who is a teacher, often The judgment about what's appropriate or acceptable performance is good.A special application of the interpretation of the criterion with reference to performance standards. A lot of ways there are to complete this issue. Often the judgment procedures to the Standards Board will appear.Self-referential in very specific behaviors of the duplicate that frequently have managed, especially for identifying changes in performance with the passing of time

Keywords- Age equivalent, the historical age group easily, to guess the reference criteria



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