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Awareness to Information resources and services in libraries should be created because information resources in the library is out of place if access to it is not provided. This Study examined the nature and need for distance learning to unprivileged. It particularly examined the nature and role of digital libraries, as it has a unique facilities suitable for the distance learners, how digital in libraries has made information resources and services easier for accessibility and delivery for both library patrons and professionals. The paper also discussed on how promotion in libraries became the act of informing the library users what is available in the library holdings. It also examined the services in the digital libraries that promotes usage as: lending services; user education. And also the strategies libraries need to achieve optimal goal in promotion of information resources was discussed. The paper discussed the great role of an embedded librarian in a digital library and his specialized skills for information dissemination as: Interpersonal skills, good communication skills. However, the paper highlighted some challenges to the effective marketing of services to patrons such as: inadequate fund, lack of facilities to promote library services and lack of access to information technology to work with. Among the recommendations include that professionals librarians should be skillfully trained on the area of promotion and marketing of information resources and services; distance learning universities should be conversant with the need for promoting library resources and services and as such assist libraries to accomplish its marketing mission.



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