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The present study is aimed to determine the structural relationship between knowledge management (KM) and creativity with the mediating role of psychological empowerment (PE) among the staff of departments of education in Qom Province, Iran. The present study is a correlational descriptive research. The statistical population includes all the staff of the departments of education in Qom Province, out of whom 200 are selected as the sample. Four questionnaires are used to collect the preliminary data for testing the hypotheses: Hemmati Knowledge Management Questionnaire (2010), Randsip's Creativity Questionnaire (1979), and Spritzer's Psychometric Empowerment Questionnaire (1995). The validity of these questionnaires is approved by experts. Moreover, their reliability is checked with Cronbach's alpha, which equals 0.88, 0.81, and 0.95, respectively. In this study, to analyze the data, descriptive (mean and SD) and inferential methods (Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Pearson’s correlation) are used, and modeling is performed in AMOS. Results reveal that KM in the staff of the mentioned organization is at the moderate level, PE is above the moderate, and creativity is at a very good level, higher than the other two variables. Based on the hypotheses, significant correlation is found between KM and creativity (p



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