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Despite the efforts to check the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, deaths and new infections are recorded daily. The government has formed the National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA), the State Action Committee on AIDS (SACA), and the Local Action Committee on AIDS (LACA), to create awareness through rural extension services. This paper examines the extent to which these services are provided in Olofinmuyin market, Sango Ota. Questionnaires and interview questions were used for data collection. The Iya-loja (market mother) was interviewed. The results show that the women get much of their information at home during weekends, from hospital, and church. A total of 154 (90 percent) respondents indicated that there is a lack of HIV/AIDS programs in the market. Recommendations include rural market extension services and the need to repackage information in the form of pictures, films, and drama. People with HIV/AIDS should be protected from stigmatization so that they can freely declare their status.



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