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The purpose of this research is to be able to analyze in depth the airlines of. Garuda Indonesia and its public customers in establishing good relations by utilizing social media Twitter. In the current era of digital communication where the use of social media is community-based media, companies inevitably have to deal with social customers. Customer relations is a process of building long-term relationships with customers to maintain satisfaction and to keep them coming back. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. Data collection in this study consist of primary and secondary data. Primary data were carried out through in-depth interviews with four informants who were Garuda Indonesia internal parties related to customer relations activities. Data collection was also done through direct observation by observing communication on Twitter social media by examining responses in the form of audience comments related to the contents of the company's communication messages aimed at maintaining awareness of the company's brand value and services so that they remain in the minds of customers. The results of this study are that the use of Twitter as a medium to communicate brand messages covering Operational Excellence, Product Leadership, and Customer Intimacy can be used to establish and maintain good relations between the company and its customers so as to create satisfaction and loyalty.



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