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Today information and communication cause the daily growth of published information. Studying all scientific production content and structures for specialist in different fields and publications is impossible. This study aims to analyze the articles regarding information retrieval based on the concepts of co-occurrence network analysis and centrality indicators published in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science[1] during 1983-2017. This is a descriptive study, using Scientometric approach. Its statistical population contains all articles related to Information retrieval in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science during1983-2017. The scientific research on Information retrieval starts in 2002. Based on the scientific map of countries, America, England, Canada and Singapore have the most articles in information retrieval field. Iran and Brazil have also been active in research on this field from 2012. The top authors of Articles in IR field articles during 1989-2017 are: Spink, Boregman, Chowdhury and Meado. In the analysis of IR field articles based on co-word anlaysis, 8 subject cluster were observed. Among them related to internal and external factors in information retrieval.



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