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Pregnancy is a sensitive period in a woman’s life that exposes her and her unborn child to lot of risks which may affect her health. These risks are as a result of altered physiological function of the body that affects the biochemistry and anatomy of the woman’s body, which eventually affects their Quality of Life. Pregnant women need health information literacy to search for health information to manage their health to compliment the ones provided during antenatal. Information needs of pregnant women are not often met during antenatal clinic. Studies have shown inadequate communication by health care professionals during antenatal consultation. This study assessed the level of health information literacy among pregnant women.

The study adopted the survey research design. Two hospitals were chosen using purposive sampling from each of the three senatorial districts in the state. Non probability sampling (convenient sampling) was used to select pregnant women during their visits to antenatal clinics. A validated structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The reliability test was conducted using Cronbach’s alpha technique. A total of 900 copies of the questionnaire were administered and 768 were returned, giving 85.3% return rate. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics.

The finding revealed that the level of health information literacy of pregnant women in Ekiti State was low.

The study concluded that there is low level of health information literacy among pregnant women. Therefore, the study recommended the need to make information available to pregnant women and to ensure training of pregnant women to improve their health information literacy.



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