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Background. The limited source of information, knowledge, and accessibility in the effort to utilize available banking services, for people with visual impairment, is one of the factors causing not all banking service products can be enjoyed by people with visual impairments. This study aims to determine aspects of banking information through the perspective of people with visual impairment, which is located in one of the development institution for people with visual impairment in Indonesia, Wyata Guna Bandung.

Method. This research used descriptive case study method, and the types of data are quantitative and qualitative, which are obtained through questionnaires and interviews. Respondents who were following coaching and self-development in June-July 2019 were chosen purposively, 45 people

Results. The results revealed that the sources of information that encourage people with visual impairment to choose to use bank services are family; Friend; institutions (private institutions that provide scholarships and government institutions that provide bonuses as athletes); campus/university, the school where they study; hostel; and offices, as well as where they work. There are several factors that become the background of people with visual impairment to open an account at a particular bank, including, among others: distance, costs, aspects of convenience, and aspects of the suitability of banking services with the needs of people with visual impairment on the offered banking products. Several banking service products that have been used include savings, cash withdrawals, and transfers through tellers; ATM; Mobile Banking; SMS Banking; Debit and payment.



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