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One of the keys in building environment is the role of the school librarian in making the literacy program which begins with library instruction and making the library as the center of the literacy movement in schools. Therefore, it needed training to enhance information literacy competence. The objectives of this study are to explore the information literacy competence which gained through a training. The hypothesis was “there is no difference in the average number of information literacy competency before and after training”. The research method used was pre-experimental design with one type of Pretest-Posttest group. The value of the influence of the treatment can be known more accurately by comparing the pre-test with post-test results. The sample in this study is selected using a purposive sampling technique as much as 17 teacher-librarians from various primary schools in Jatinangor. The result showed that there were differences in the average scores for knowledge with before and after training with a mean score increase of 5.59 to 6.29. It showed that the training increased knowledge and information literacy competence. Confirming the results of the hypothesis H1, there is a difference in the average number of information literacy ability before and after training.