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Spring 9-9-2019


The purpose of this study is to investigate records management practices in selected primary schools in Zimbabwe as factors that contribute to governance, identity, research and memory needs. Independent research addressing records management practices in the context of the developing world is far from extensive. Using the survey approach, this study triangulated a pretested questionnaire, document analysis, an interview schedule and observation techniques to collect data from a sample of 128 primary schools. Data was analysed using SPSS® software and thematic analysis. Records were not managed according to best practices and there was limited compliance with legislation. The situation had a potential to deprive society access to the records with integrity and an impairment of corporate memory. The National Archives did not play an active role in the management of school records in violation of its mandate. Our findings contribute to a better understanding of records management practices in schools and provide guidance for those seeking to learn about and apply proper records management practices in a school environment. Proper records management will promote good governance in primary schools; enable a pathway for compliance administration and organisational accountability. The study may also influence policy review in relation to the management of records in schools.



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