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Awareness and Use of Research Support Tools by Researchers of Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE, Manipal: An Analytical Study

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Research tools and data play an increasingly important role in research. The research tool can save time and add depth to qualitative work. Researchers need scholarly publications to read, study and to write a research article. As it is well known that the internet through the research tools has made this process more fruitful. Therefore it is necessary to think more critically about sources and more effectively organize all the different kinds of digital research tools they find. There are many different research support tools that are available to help and to select proper information for research. This study highlights the awareness and use of various research support tools subscribed by MIT library i.e. OPAC, bibliographical databases, discovery tool, spelling checker, Journal Citation Report (JCR), anti-plagiarism software, reference management tool, remote access facility, institutional repository etc. After the survey it is found that some of the researchers are not aware about the availability of some new research support tools available in the library like discovery service, remote access facility etc. But the tools like bibliographical databases and anti-plagiarism software are more used and appreciated by the research scholars. Usage of resources can be improved by conducting literacy programmes, by publishing research support guides etc.

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