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Objective- This study investigated the awareness and perceived availability as correlate of electronic resources usage in academic libraries in Kwara State.

Method- The study employed survey research method. A sample size of 377 was drawn from a population of 17,336 students. A self-designed and validated questionnaire was used with a reliability co-efficient of r=0.76 using split-half method. Both descriptive and inferential statistic were used to analyze the data.

Result- Among others it was found that a significant relationship exists between awareness and use and perceived availability and use of EIR. Most student were aware and use e-resources in the following order: Internet, e-journals and e-books. E-databases available in the libraries are not popular and underutilized by the students. Students uses EIR for assignment, research/project work, preparation for examination, compliment lecture notes and personal development. Some of the challenges hindering use are electricity interruption, insufficient ICT skills, slow internet connectivity, difficulty in accessing e-resources off-campus. Recommendation were made based on the findings.

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research instrument.docx (33 kB)



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