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Winter 11-7-2019


This article is very useful for all those who need information on the fragrant citarum program in Indonesia


The river of Citarum is one of the largest and longest rivers in West Java Province, which has a strategic function for people's life surrounding it, especially for the people of West Java Province and The Special Capital Region of Jakarta. The condition of Citarum river nowadays is very concerning due to its severe damages from the upstream to the downstream which are caused by various problems. The Central Government has done many recovery efforts by implementing The Citarum Harum Program since February 2018. The participation of various parties concerned with the management of Citarum river in Bandung Regency has a positive side as an active participation, however it can also be a problem if the Communication and the synergy are never harmonized and integrated among them. It is very essential to create a mutual understanding among all the involved components, in order to make the program unifiedly and integratedly be implemented. The first necessary step is by giving the proper and right information about Citarum Harum Program to all parties involved. Then the purpose of the research will be revealed; on How the information distribution of Citarum Harum Program among the Communities in Bandung Regency. The approach of this research is the qualitative approach with data collection technic of: in-depth interviews, observation, documentation, and library research. The result of this research showed that information on Citarum Harum Program is distributed through mass media, social media, and other Socialization activities which has been doing by implementing a philosophy called "Sabilulungan". "Sabilulungan" is a verbal heritage which came from a sundanese language and strongly rooted from a local wisdom of sundanese people who live in West Java Province. This local wisdom has a moral which has become a principal or a measurement of act or behavior of people or the authority elites in their daily-basis life, including their environmental aspect, both directly or indirectly.