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The study was undertaken with the aim of revealing roles of Health Information Officers in the Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. The researcher adopted descriptive survey research method in which structured questionnaire was used for data collection in selected three tertiary health institutions. Total enumeration sampling technique was used. The results were presented in frequency tables and percentages.

Role of Health Information Officers which were identify are, generation of useful Information for Prevention of HIV/AIDS, participation in Voluntary Counselling and Testing, promotion of condom usage, preaching of abstinence and faithfulness, educating HIV/positive mothers on the importance of prophylaxis and the need to live positively, unique identification of patient, keep of records, filing of investigative results, serving in Monitoring and Evaluation, Pharmaco-vigilance, Health Management, and Contact and Adherence team.

Factors facilitating role of Health Information Officers highlighted include availability of Computers, Electronic Database, Cooling System, Furniture, Stationeries, Financial reward, Training and Commendations. Factors militating against Health Information Officers role stated are: over expectation from supporting agencies, exhaustion due to complex services, power failures, complex protocol and shortage of staff.

The study recommended that internet facilities with its accessories should be provided in order to enhance documentation, treatment and tracing of defaulters by Health Information Officers. Additional Health Information Officers should be employed or be redeployed to HIV/AIDS health records unit especially on patient heavy traffic clinic days and Health Information Officers should be made to be answerable to their employer alone by restricting facility employee cum supporting agencies interactions.