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Abstract: Present study is a base on the use of electronic resources by the teachers of various college libraries in Marathwada. This survey was particularly conducted to know the awareness and use of e-resources like E-Journals, E-Books, CD/DVDs, OPAC, E-Databases and Internet etc. in various college libraries of Marathwada. Primary data were collected from 210 respondents with the help of survey. The data were collected with the aid of a questionnaire and analyzed through the use of SSPS and Microsoft Excel. The results indicate that maximum 102 (48.57%) of respondents visited to the library in daily. It was also noticed that maximum 189 (24.60%) of respondents were using E-Journals. Maximum 145 (69.04%) of respondents had excellent knowledge of using e-resources. Majority of 198 (46.47%) respondents were using e-resources for research purpose. Majority 155 (47.11%) of respondents feels that low internet speed is the main problem to access the e-resources.