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An epidemic free environment enhances the health status of all citizens in the community. The haphazard patient records management practices in the health facilities have led to devastating consequences on epidemic control in Osun State. The extent to which the medical and health professionals pay attention to these patient records management practices is not clear. The study therefore investigated the influence of patient records management practices on epidemic control in all the local government areas of Osun State, Nigeria.

Survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study was three hundred and six (306) medical and health officers in the 30 local government areas of Osun State. Total enumeration technique. A validated questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The response rate of 93.1% was obtained and data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Findings revealed a positive and significant relationship exists between patient records management practices and epidemic control (Df = 283, N = 285, r = .641**, P < 0.05). It implies that a unit increase in patient records management practices will increase the tendency for epidemic control activities in the studied area.

The study concluded that patient records management practices has significant influence on epidemic control in the local government areas of Osun State. The study recommended that State government and the management of LGAs via ministry of health should ensure constant implementation of various strategies that are very essential to an effective epidemic control intervention among others.

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