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The article aimed at exploring how Nosology bridges different aspects of Clinical Coding in Nigeria; through objective identification of the basic concept of Nosology, its place in the Clinical Coding and assessment of the effect of Nosology on Clinical Coding. The presentation started with introduction, followed by discussion on Importance of Clinical Coding and the Challenges of Clinical Coding. The Concept of Nosology, the Roles of Nosology in Clinical Coding was extensively discussed. Also, relationship between Nosology and Clinical Coding was established and this was followed by summary, conclusion and recommendations. The method used for this study is literature review and theoretical analysis. Inferences drawn from existing literature indicated that, correlation exists between Nosology and Clinical Coding, as evident in previous research work and case studies. This study recommended the need for government at all levels to procure appropriate Classification Schemes and improve capacity buildings of health information managers on Nosology in order to facilitate an improved Clinical Coding Service in Nigeria