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This paper reported on the Influence of National Health Management Information System on the planning of health care services in Nigeria. The article, aimed at combining insights of how National Health Management Information System implementation, bridges different aspects of Health Care Service planning in Nigeria; through objective identification of the basic philosophy of NHMIS, its place in the National Health Policy, the concept of NHMIS and assessment of the effect of NHMIS on the planning of Health Care Services

The method used for this study is literature review and theoretical analysis. Inferences drawn from existing literatures and postulated theories indicated that, relationship exists between National Health Management Information System and Planning of health care services, as evident in previous research work and case studies.

This study recommended the need for government at all levels to procure and install appropriate information technology to sustain NHMIS implementation. Also capacity building, adequate funding, timely collection, processing and availability of health information are very imperative to, evidence-based and result-oriented health care services planning in Nigeria.



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