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This study investigated the incidence of job-related stress and how it affects job performance of librarians and library officers. Three universities in Lagos State, Nigeria were selected for the study. The study adopted a survey method and questionnaire was used to gather data from 86 librarians and library officers from the university libraries. The study revealed that job-related stress is prevalent among the librarians and library officers. It identified lack of opportunity for career development, low salary/compensation, work interference with family time, the absence of training, lack of motivation, lack of co-operation and lack of conducive working environment as factors responsible for job stress. The study further identified low productivity, increased absenteeism, hypertension, job dissatisfaction, frustration, depression and negative job attitude as effects of stress on the job performance of librarians and library officers as consequences of stress. The study concluded that librarians and library officers in Lagos state experienced the stress of exhaustion and burnout resulting from too many routines leading to tiredness and lack of enthusiasm, lack of motivation and frustration. They also experience time-related stresses which include a shortage of time to attend to students with different information needs almost at the same time and time to meet up with publications, The study recommends efficient and effective service delivery in the nation's university libraries, parent institutions should help in reducing sources of stress among library staff in university libraries, among others.



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