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Fall 11-16-2019


The day-to-day increasing costs of petrol and diesel and to control the air pollution makes an impact to do a scientometric analysis on the research ouput on “Electric Car”. Therefore, the research publications indexed in Web of Science for 28 years have been downloaded from 1991 to 2018 for the analysis. The research reveals that a total of 2424 publications is published during the above-mentioned year. The regression test proves that the deviation among the data is low and has possibility to calculate the doubling time on the basis the last 14 years. The doubling time proves that the growth of publications increased from year after year. Journal articles played a dominant role among other type of publications. The language “English” played prominent role than the other language publications on “Electric Car”. Tang T.Q. published 15 publications and ranked first among the other authors. The Lotka’s Law does not fit the author productivity of the publications published on “Electric Car”. Eventhough, the research publications are increasing from year after year, the number of publications published in the past is not up to remarkable. At the same time, only a very few countries have been implemented the “Electric Car” throughout the world. It is therefore, suggested that the funding agencies, sponsoring bodies and global research and development ministries to encourage the researchers to do many more research on “Electric Car”, to enhance the control of air pollution by means of reducing the consumption of Petrol and Diesel, which will also support the cost control for better economy of the global countries.