Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 10-3-2019




The study aims to know the knowledge of Library resources and services among St. Xavier's college students. The questionnaire method was used for data collection. Keeping in view the objectives of the study well-structured questionnaire was prepared and distributed to St. Xavier's college students. A total of 150 questionnaires were distributed among the undergraduate (B.A., students out of which 144 filled in questionnaires were received back with an overall response rate of 96%. From a total of 144 respondents, 113(78.47%) are aware of the services provided by the Library and 31(21.53%) of respondents were unaware of library resources and services. A majority 43(38.05%) of the respondents visited the library on a daily basis. The majority of the respondents 28(24.78%) were aware of the books related to their study that have been suggested by the teacher for reference purposes. Most of the respondents 29(25.67%) are aware of the internet facility, followed by 23(20.35%) of respondents who are aware of reference service. The majority of the respondents 31(27.43%) visited the library for reading books relating to their study, 26(23%) of the respondents used the library to read the newspaper. Major respondents 132(91.67%) wanted to attend Library awareness program and a hand few of them 12(8.33%) felt no need for the Library awareness program. The implication here is that the majority of the students are dependent on the library on a regular basis.



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