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Winter 11-28-2019


The communication strategy is a design created to change human behavior on a larger scale through the transfer of information and new ideas relating to the environment and traditional health. The analyze is needed in order to measure the benefits of the plan implemented in the program of "Taman Herbal Bejo" (Bejo Herbal Park) by PT. Bintang Toedjoe partnered with Tribune Media Industry. The purpose of this study was to determine (1) the background of innovation and policy of the "Taman Herbal Bejo" program conducted by PT. Bintang Toedjoe and its media industry partner (2) the implementation of information literacy on the communication strategies of related institutions viewed from sources, messages, media channels, and effects (3) obstacles that occur in the implementation of the "Taman Herbal Bejo" innovation program. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. Data collection techniques carried out by observation, interviews, literature study, and documentation. Informants are selected from PT. Bintang Toedjoeh, the Tribun group's media industry, and several residents as agents of activities in "Taman Herbal Bejo." The result shows that Information Literacy is the "suitable way" to sort out the information needed so that the user can maximally utilize useful information. Health literacy is a concept where people can understand and act on health information. Health literacy affects on how to choose access to health that people should get. The concept of health information literacy is an understanding of the problem of access to information, treatment choices, health behaviors, and efforts to obtain health by the community. Information literacy in this particular problem is doing the right way to make "Taman Herbal Bejo," as a means of information and education for the public on traditional health. The background of this program is part of the CSV program: creating share values that are sustainable or CSR programs that are not just philanthropic. The values achieved in this program are (1) Educational value: literary information to educate the public about the benefits of herbal plants. (2) Economic value: teach people to be able to grow red ginger at home (3) Environmental value: the addition of planting plants in the surrounding environment. The implementation is a collaboration of PT. Bintang Toedjoe with the Tribun media. The targeted group is PKK women in the village in five cities. The messages delivered through training to provide more value in terms of knowledge, skills, and social. The impact is expected to increase the ability and knowledge of residents related to herbal parks, especially the cultivation of red ginger. Generally, the obstacles that occur caused by technical, resource, and natural factors.