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The Government of India initiated SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-learning for Young Aspiring Minds), where the objective of the programme is to take the best teaching and learning resources to all with no costs. To find out the awareness and usage of SWAYAM courses among Library and Information science students, survey method of research used. To collect data from selective Universities students a structured questionnaire was prepared. The results show that most of the responses received from Annamalai University, majority respondents are aware of SWAYAM course. Respondents are aware of these courses through their teachers. 74.73% of respondents replied that their University providing orientation programme on SWAYAM. Half of the respondents prefer Word file format for submitting their assignment. More than 82% of respondents are spending 1-3 hours for SWAYAM course. Half of the respondents are agreed SWAYAM courses help to gain new knowledge and supports life-long learning. Further, the result reveals that the numbers of students continue their enrolled courses and only less number were discontinued due to some reasons