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Schizophrenia is an illness that affects the brain and leads to difficulties with thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Certain substances in the cerebrum may cause a concoction awkwardness. For instance, the synapses "dopamine" and "serotonin" have both been connected to schizophrenia. Prescriptions can address irregular characteristics in the science of the cerebrum. Again nonetheless, biochemical components are just a halfway clarification as there isn't sufficient proof to show that a compound irregularity is the main source of schizophrenia.


Childhood schizophrenia is an extraordinary however extreme mental issue in which kids translate reality anomalous. Schizophrenia involves a range of problems with Intuitions (cognitive), behavior or emotions. The data was collected from PubMed data base using keyword childhood schizophrenia in India, the collected data was arranged in excel format for Analysis. The year wise growth of Literature Output on Childhood Schizophrenia shows 1075 research literature found during 2009-2018, Authorship pattern shows collaborative author contributed more number of research publications than single author contributions, 74 research papers was contributed by single author, Collaborative author contributed 1001 research papers, authors preferred language of publication is found to be English with 1008 (93.8) publications (Rank 1), the most productive or prolific journals contribution on Childhood Schizophrenia is found to be Schizophrenia research have contributed 91(8.47%), occupy the rank 1 position, the prolific authors, Monica Aas have contributed 7 (0.65%)research papers, the top 20 countries with their contributions on Childhood Schizophrenia Research USA have contributed 279(26%) occupy 1 rank, United Kingdom contributed 136(12.7%) occupy 2 rank, Australia contributed 54(5.02%) occupy 3rd rank and India contributed 16(1.49%) occupy 18th rank. the degree of collaboration using Subramaniam formula average Degree of Collaboration found to be 0.931. the relative growth rate and doubling time of research publications, the mean RGR is 0.56 and Doubling time 2.485 was found. From the most prolific affiliated institutions contributions on schizophrenia research was Childhood Psychiatry Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA have contributed 31 research publications. It is observed that the most of the research papers were contributed from developed countries, Indian author contributions rank 18 in childhood schizophrenia research, it is in need that Indian researchers should contribute more research papers on childhood schizophrenia to give awareness to the researchers and share the UpToDate insight knowledge to the other researchers on globe.