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I would be grateful if you publish the last version of the paper that I uploaded on 8th April 2020.


Objective: A bibliometrics literature review on Cryptocurrency and thematic clustering. The study tried to answer the following questions: What are the most active publishers in Cryptocurrency? What are the most active Authors in Cryptocurrency? What is expression count of the main categories in Cryptocurrency? What is expression count of the sub-categories in Cryptocurrency?

Q5. What is expression count of the keywords in cryptocurrency? What are the most important word occurrences in the title? What are the most thematic clusters in Cryptocurrency?

Methodology: A combined research method is applied. Research community included the published papers in cryptocurrency and retrieved from Google Scholar. To analyzing data used of the statistical method and text mining. Analysis tools contained Excel software, Mind Mapper, and R Studio software.

Findings: ScienceDirect had more publication in field of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency law are the important categories, Bitcoin is the most important sub-category. Thematic clusters in this area are limited to one to main three clusters.

Result: There is a need for research and study in many areas for entering the world of digital money. Prior to conducting the necessary research in this area, entering the Cryptocurrency market seems unreasonable. Digital Money should be examined not only economically, but also in other dimensions of social, cultural, political, health, and educational.

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