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This study has made an attempt to analysis the engineering college faculty members use of electronic resources and its impact of academic growth in Namakkal district in Tamilnadu. Based on the aim, survey method is applied and standard, structured and pretested questionnaire as a tool of this study. Percentage analysis, one-way ANOVA and post-host statistical tools are used for data analysis. Pie and bar charts also used for data representation. 1070 fully filled questionnaires received from the respondents. Among the total sample, 618(57.767) respondents are male and 425(42.243) respondents are female faculties who participated in this research. According to the designation of the respondents, 470(43.925), 331(30.935) and 269(25.140) are assistant professors, associate professors and professors. Based on the experience, 342(31.963) of them have 0-5 years of experience in teaching in engineering colleges, 299(27.944) of them have 6-10 years of experience, 159(14.860) percent of them have 11-15 years, 140(13.084) of them have 16-20 years of experience and the remaining 130(12.150) of them have 21 years and above teaching experience in engineering colleges.

Statistical significant difference is observed between the gender, experience and designation of the faculty members’ frequency of accessing online journals. There is a statistical significant difference in the opinion about the usefulness of the e-journal of the faculty members’ designation. Significant difference is observed between the gender of the respondents and their opinion about the increase of research publication while using the electronic information sources. Highly significant is observed between the educational qualifications of the respondents and their opinion about the increase of research publication by using the e-journals. There is a statistical significant difference in the designation of the faculties and their opinion about the increase of research publication by using Electronic Journals.