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The influx of modern technologies and their peripherals in the electronic world cannot be undermined. The focus of this paper is on innovative tools for managing records in the electronic era. In a bid to understand these tools, the author divided this article into various sections. Following the introductory section, the author described art of managing records in the electronic era as well as highlighted different modern tools (software and techniques) adopted for record management in modern organizations. Other issues addressed in this article include the opportunities created for the use of these tools for electronic records management and the challenges associated with managing records in an electronic environment. However, the author concluded that despite the changes in records management brought about by innovations and application of ICTs and their tools, it is yet to be felt completely in the traditional African organizational settings especially libraries and information centers. She further recommended that more attention should be placed on keeping abreast with new innovations with regards to records management since development in this field is dynamic and organizations around the globe are seeing the need to imbibe them in their processes and activities for optimal performance.



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