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Winter 12-6-2019


as a doctoral graduation requirement


Indonesia's environmental policy in the conservation area is carried out by establishing the nature reserve as the highest conservation area in addition to wildlife reserves. The high level of damage in the nature reserve area requires collaboration integrated multi-party. Therefore, preservation activities of nature reserves require stakeholder involvement and multi-stakeholder communication in conservation area management. This study aims to: 1) identify the roles and relationships of stakeholders in preserving the nature reserve area 2) formulating a communication model suitable for conservation of the nature reserve. The research method uses survey methods with qualitative and quantitative descriptive approaches obtained from secondary and primary data sources. Data collection techniques carried out by interviews, observation of documentation and questionnaires. The population in this study is the government, business, and society. This research produces two main points, first the party that has the biggest role in the preservation and sustainability of the nature reserve area that is the government. The relationship between government and society shows the pattern of democratic relations with critical partnerships and reciprocal models. The relationship between the government and the business world (Pertamina Geothermal) shows a form of collaboration. The relationship between the community and the business world (Pertamina Geothermal) shows forms of conflict and corporate relations. Second, to synergize communication between stakeholders, we propose a stakeholder communication model for the sustainability of nature reserves that emphasizes partnership, collaborative work, mutual respect, and assertive communication. The more synergy of stakeholder communication, the more effective the preservation of nature reserves.



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