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Retrospective Conversion in Two Nigerian University Libraries: A Comparative Study of Kenneth Dike Library and Obafemi Awolowo University Library


This study focused on the retrospective conversion experience of two Nigerian university libraries, comparing the experiences of University of Ibadan (UI) library card catalogue and Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) library, in terms of processes, approaches, financial/material, and human implications, as well as the problems and solutions, and evaluating effectiveness and efficiency of the OPAC system. The survey method was used to collect data. There were two questionnaires used in the study. One directed to the librarians and cataloguers. The second was directed to the library's users. The study found out that Kenneth Dike made use of shared RECON and data input manually, while Obafemi Awolowo University library used vendors/consultants and adopted both data entry manually and resource database. The study also revealed that the RECON process took reasonable amount of time, involved skilled manpower, and moderate cost. The study diagnosed some constraints inhibiting the two libraries RECON, including lack of funds, poor maintenance culture, lack of skilled staff, and infrastructural problems. Finally, the study showed that both UI and OAU libraries had made tremendous progress in RECON, with their OPAC systems were working effectively and efficiently.

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