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Winter 12-7-2019


Altmetrics can be used for research evaluation of an original publication as well as the organization level. Several studies have documented on Altmetrics. However, there are very few studies conducted on an organizational level. This paper set out to examine how the papers published by the top five NIRF-2017 institutes were shared, saved, views on different social media platforms. This study used PLOS Altmetrics data to identify article-level metrics (ALM) of theses 5 institutes. A total of 208 documents retrieved from the PLOS database. Results showed that IIT Delhi contributed the highest 54 documents between 2008 and 2017. Similarly, the publications published by IIT Bombay had more significant social media attention. It noted that Altmetrics could be used as a tool to find out the early impact of an article.

ALM_19_10_2019.docx (45 kB)
Article Level Metrics of PLOS